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Every territory possesses underlying tensions, not always exposed to the individual. When traversing a city, when walking without direction through the individual unconscious, we can unveil space from sensations.

Psychogeography deals with the study of a place in rupture with the traditional process of travel. In that process, the environments must be explored beyond the borders of mass consumption tourism, the common place of scenarios.

For this kind of approach, the territory becomes more a conducive place for feelings and emotions, whether they are conscious or not. It is a method of perception and understanding through direct experience, exploration in drifting, walking, without destination.

To go drift is to search for the psychogeography.

“The sudden changes in the street in a space of few meters, the evident division of a city in places where psychiatric atmospheres are clearly differentiated; the trajectory that offers least resistance and is crossed automatically in walks on the right destination (and do not keep any relationship with the physical contours of the ground); the attractive or repulsive condition of certain places - all this seems ignored. In any case, never consider that causes can be detected through specific analysis, at which point it is possible to extract benefits from it.” Debord, Guy, 1996.

One needs to surrender to drifting!

In this essay, dynamism and movement fuse with a landscape that dilutes in imprecise colors, fog and deception. It seeks to break away with the object in itself – the landscape – and put in perspective the intimate and deep sensation that emerges from the experience of drifting in an unknown space.

Encapsulated in total silence, they feel the reflection of a personal encounter with solitude.

This work is the result of photographic approaches realized throughout road travel. The purpose is not the formal composition of the structure but the expression of the moment captured – the outcome of a sensation.

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